February 12, 2018 in Bookmobile by SCLSAdmin

Happy Monday!!

Did you know that the Scott County Bookmobile service is over 70 years old? Recently the Anaheim, California bookmobile service celebrated 60 years. All across the country, bookmobiles are quietly serving communities from West to East and North to South. The Association of Bookmobiles and Outreach Services (ABOS) is a national organization for those in library outreach services, whether it be a traditional bookmobile route or any one of a number of contemporary services. As a member of this organization, we draw on ideas and programs from all across the country to bring the best service possible to our patrons.

One of the biggest events of the Spring will be National Bookmobile Day. This event is always celebrated in conjunction with the ALA National Library Week. Wednesday, April 11 has been designated as National Bookmobile Day.  Watch for ways to help us celebrate our special day.

Beyond the Windshield

February 12, 2018 in Bookmobile by SCLSAdmin

Welcome to Beyond the Windshield!!  

This will be the Blog page for the Scott County Bookmobile. Check back everyday and see where the bookmobile is traveling and what is happening beyond the windshield.

January was challenging due to weather conditions and illness.  When we were on the road, our patrons were more than happy to brave the weather, step aboard and check out materials for winter reading or find movies to hunker down by the fire.  It was great to see everyone after the holiday season.


Tuesday, Feb 12 – come visit the bookmobile at the Walcott grade school during the book fair and band concert. Bookmobile will be there from 3:45pm – 6:45pm. The concert starts at 7pm.

Saturday, Feb 17 – 10am-noon  Join us at the Eldridge library for a book launching party with Author JILL ESBAUM. (who just happens to be a bookmobile user)  It is sure to be a great time with book signing and Dino-dancing!

That’s all for now!!   See you on the road! Check the website for days and times for your neighborhood.