Bringing the Library to YOU! – The SCLS Bookmobile

January 24, 2019 in Bookmobile by SCLSAdmin

HAPPY 2019!!  Welcome to the SCLS bookmobile blog –

Each month you will find information on the services offered by the bookmobile, special events which involve the SCLS bookmobile and insights into the world of library outreach. The bookmobile operates Monday through Thursday all year long with schedules changing three times a year – January, June and September.  Mornings are devoted to schools, independent living facilities and daycare centers with afternoons spent in rural Scott County neighborhoods.  Current schedules are available at the library or in the bookmobile. If your neighborhood is not being serviced, call the library (Cathy 563.285.4794 ext 2237) to see if your neighborhood can be added to the schedule. In addition to rural routes, we also offer in home delivery services to those who qualify. Do you know of someone who is homebound or in rehab?  Give us a call.

The SCLS bookmobile is a member of the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services.  This national organization is an affiliate of the American Library Association.  Cathy Zimmerman, the Bookmobile Associate has been very involved with the organization since 2011. Recently she was elected to a 3 year term as Vice President/President(2020)/Past President(2021).  Among her duties to ABOS are chair of the Awards committee, fundraising chair for the Bookmobile and Outreach Information Repository (BOIR) project and various other committee assignments.  Involvement with this organization has brought many positive changes and programs to the SCLS bookmobile.

Bringing the SCLS bookmobile to the residents of our communities is a high priority. Bookmobile stops are chosen on the basis of active participants and ease of access.  When choosing a place to park the bookmobile, we attempt to find a central location in smaller communities as well as a central street location in subdivisions for easy homeowner access.  Not all streets are ideal for the bookmobile and every stop is evaluated for safety.

Check back each month for more bookmobile news. You can find our schedule on the SCLS website.