Scott County Library System Historic Timeline

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In 1986, Governor Terry Branstad visited the Scott County Library System, mingling with staff.  Branstad was Iowa’s longest-serving governor (1983 – 1999) and was re-elected for another term in 2011.
For many years, the SCLS Bookmobile was a highlight of the Summer Fest parade in Eldridge. These photos are from 1986, when the theme was “Summer of the Animals.”

 1986timeline3Angel tree photo from 2010.

The Eldridge Branch of the Scott County Library System became an Angel Tree location in 1986. We still have great turnout and generosity from the community in giving presents to underprivileged children.Also in 1986, SCLS began loaning VHS tapes to the public. The VHS tapes were phased out in 2012.