Teen Summer Reading Program

May 8, 2013 in TeenSpace

Check out the SRP site HERE for more information on how the program works. The theme this year is “Beneath the Surface” so we are having some great zombie and underground themed programs for teens. Stop by your local branch library for a log and to sign-up starting May 28th.

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Here is a list of great zombie books to try this summer:
Ashes by Ilsa Bick -YA BICK
Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris -YA HAR
The Dead and The Enemy by Charlie Higson -YA HIG
Dead City by James Ponti –YA PON
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan –YA RYA
Generation Dead by Daniel Waters –YA WAT
Never Slow Dance with a Zombie by Ehrich Van Lowe—YA VAN
Undead by Kirsty McKay –YA MCK
Undead Much? By Stacey Jay -YA JAY
Z by Michael Ford Thomas –YA THO
Zombie Blondes by Brian James -YA JAM
Zombies Vs. Unicorns short stories –YA ZOM

Maze Runner- Book Review

February 4, 2013 in TeenSpace

In the Maze Runner, we meet an unnamed character who wakes up in an elevator. He has no memories of his previous life, and no idea how he got in the elevator. When the doors open, he finds himself outdoors crowded by a group of men about his same age, which he guesses is 16. He slowly learns that all of them are in the same predicament. Some have been there for several months, but no one really knows where they are or why. Various supplies and food is sent up in the elevator for them. They were able to build a farm and a small house but they are enclosed by giant walls. Every day the walls open to reveal a path that leads to a giant maze. Several of the boys enlist as maze runners to try to map the maze and see where it goes. If they get stuck out there at night, they are stung by giant mechanical beasts.

Okay, so it sounds kind of weird but it will really pull you in. The mystery will keep you turning pages. The book has two sequels and a prequel, so you won’t learn all of the secrets in the first one. Check this out if you enjoyed Hunger Games!

Dead Is A Killer Tune by Marlene Perez

November 23, 2012 in TeenSpace

I have to be honest, I liked this series better when it was about the Giordano sisters, but it still is a light fun read. They make more sense if you read from the beginning of the series because all of the characters and situations are related. Here is the series in order
Dead is the New Black
Dead is a State of Mind
Dead is So Last Year
Dead is Just a Rumor
Dead is Not an Option
Dead is a Battlefield
Dead is a Killer Tune

The whole series is about the strange town of Nightshade. Most citizens are paranormal in some way and there is even a secret city council made up of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc. This book, and the previous one, is about Jessica. Jessica discovered that she is a virago. Viragos can sense danger, so Jessica and her fellow viragos train in fighting and running, etc to help keep their town safe. Jessica had been dating Dominic, the lead singer of a local band, but lately he has been avoiding her. They keep running into each other though at the Battle of Bands, a big competition taking place in Nightshade. Dominic has a strange psychic ability where he will go into a trance and sing a song that in someway predicts the future. When this happens at the Battle of the bands, Jessica tries to make sense of it. It seems to be related to a missing flute from a local estate sale and to another band in the battle, Hamlin. A lot of the Hamlin fans have been causing trouble about town and Jessica thinks something deeper is going on there.
There is also another plot line involving some missing magic dust and a dollhouse in which the dolls have come to life. Honestly, it can be a little hard to follow because it seems like a lot of mysterious things are happening and there’s no way to connect them until everything is revealed at the end of the book. I had to go back after everything was solved and read some parts again so I could put all the pieces together. Also, there are a lot of characters in her books, so it can be hard to keep track of everyone. Nonetheless, the mysteries are always intriguing and the main characters are strong females, so I will continue to read and enjoy this series.

Mothership- Book Review

September 21, 2012 in TeenSpace

Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal is a wildy entertaining, yet odd story about teen pregnancy. Set about 50 yrs in the future, Elvie, an all around good kid and daddy’s girl, finds herself knocked up after being charmed by popular Cole. After seeing a commercial for a school space station that caters to pregnant teens, her dad decides to send her there. Unfortunately Cole’s pregnant girlfriend also ends up there and loves to bully Elvie. One day Elvie and a couple of her friends are skipping class when they notice some strange intruders in space suits sneaking into the school. They run to get the other girls when they see that something has gone wrong with their teachers– they are trying to drown all the teens. A huge battle ensues and readers find out that the “intruders” are actually there to save the girls, and one of the intruders just happens to be Cole. Things get weirder as readers find out what happened to make the teachers go crazy and who is still out to get them and why?

There is some violence and light cussing, no graphic sex or even much mention of it. The fact that they are pregnant shouldn’t detract teens from the story as these girls are quite aware of the consequences of their actions. Yes, they make light of it, but in no way does it sound appealing. Mothership is truly a fun chick lit story with a lot of action and sci fi elements thrown in. It’s very fast paced and humorous and should appeal to teens 14+


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