Blue Grass Cemetery
Buffalo Township
Cemetery Address:
101 Burnside Lane
Blue Grass, Iowa 52726

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Cemetery Description Given by Original Transcribers:
The Blue Grass Cemetery is located in the N 1/2 of Section 5 T. 77 N., R. 2 E. of the 5th P.M., Buffalo Township. It is adjacent to the east side of the town of Blue Grass situated on the south side of HWY #61. It is a large and well maintained cemetery under the jurisdiction of the Blue Grass Cemetery Association.
Canvassed By:
Transcribed by Lorraine Duncan and Scharlott Blevins on September 16, 17 and 23, 1976. The original transcription was never rechecked. Therefore, there is every possibility of errors in transcribing. The above transcribers suggest that other documentation be used to verify the transcription if a trip to the cemetery to check the actual stone is not possible.
Print Volume:
Scott County Cemetery Records V. 2, available at the Scott County Library System - Eldridge Branch
Additional Documents:
Blue Grass Cemetery Map