Faessler Cemetery
Princeton Township
Cemetery Address:
24721 Bluff Road
McCausland, Iowa 52768

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Cemetery Description Given by Original Transcribers:
This cemetery is located in the north central of Section 30, T. 80N., R. 5E, Princeton Township. Located 1/4 mile off the road in a wooded area. No easement to the cemetery at this time. Some of the stones were buried in the sand but were recovered by the Boy Scout Troupe of Bettendorf.
Canvassed By:
Canvassed and checked by Mrs. Jeannine Brown and Mrs. Scharlott Blevins on April 16, 1974. Recanvassed by Mrs. Scharlott Blevins on October 12, 1975.
Print Volume:
Scott County Cemetery Records V. 1, available at the Scott County Library System - Eldridge Branch