Moorehead Cemetery
Buffalo Township
Cemetery Address:
No information available
Cemetery Transcriptions Given by Original Transcribers:
Cemetery located at Camp Abe Lincoln in Buffalo Twp., Scott Co., Iowa. Only part of one stone is left there. Bases for 2 stones approximately 18" wide and 1 base for a small stone can be clearly seen. On [sic] stone above the name has been destroyed except for the last two letters "ey" died __ 11, 185_ (5 or 3) aged 29ys 2 m and 15 ds / "And can it be that he is gone / And in the grave is laid / Oh little did we think him once / Thus early doomed to fade" / Originally the cemetery was located on what was the Moorehead farm. The buildings were located just below the hill from where the cemetery was located. The Moorehead family began cemetery with family members. Than [sic] others were buried there. Prior to 1930's the Mooreheads moved to the town of Buffalo, Iowa. The family graves were moved to Rose Hill Cemetery at Buffalo. About depression times the CCC Camp members decided to dig for valuables in this cemetery. Since then the stones have been lost. About 30 stones were left after the Mooreheads moved family graves.
Canvassed By:
Lorraine Duncan and Scharlott Blevins, August 1975
Print Volume:
Scott County Cemetery Records V. 1, available at the Scott County Library System - Eldridge Branch
Additional Documents:
Moorehead Cemetery Map
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