SCLS Reads


Scan this code with your phone or click the image in your phone’s browser to download the SCLS Reads app for Android.

The SCLS Reads app allows patrons to share which books they are reading with us using Goodreads.

How to install:

This app requires a bar code scanning app that accepts 2D bar codes such as the ZXing Barcode Scanner and an account on the book cataloging site Goodreads. Scan the QR code to the right or click it in your phone’s browser to download the app. Once it is downloaded, open it. You may see a warning about your phone not allowing installs from untrusted sources. If you do see this warning, click the options button and scroll down to the untrusted sources item and enable it. Now you can install the app.

How to use:

After you have launched the app, click “Login to Goodreads button”. This will launch a browser within the app. Login to Goodreads, and then click the “Done” button. Now you can click the “Scan ISBN Barcode” button to scan ISBN barcodes of the books you want to add to our library list. A search will be performed to see if the book is in the Goodreads database, and if it is the book will be added to our list.