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Libraries are for making...Movies! Short film contest

Who can enter?

Quad-City Teens agers 13-19

What do you have to do?

Create a 3-5 minute video. You have three options for the content of your video:

  • Make a celebratory infomercial about our summer reading program. The theme for this year’s program is superheroes.
  • Libraries are for more than just reading so show us how to do or make something in an instructional video.
  • Lastly you can do your own thing as long as the content is appropriate for all ages and the library.

Remember to be creative. Just use your cell phone, your camera, or video camera to capture your imagination! Use your family, friends, pets, or yourself to star in the video. Work alone or with a team of up to 5 people. Be spontaneous or be scripted. Just keep it fun and appropriate for library viewers.


If you need a camera or help editing try calling your local library or school to see if they loan out cameras or if they have the Windows Movie Maker editing program.  You can always use your cell phone or digital camera video modes. Your librarian may even have training available on how to edit your videos.


After the video is edited, please create an account at YouTube so you can upload it. All videos are subject to the YouTube terms of use found at  www.youtube.com/t/terms. After uploading, please return the attached entry form with a hardcopy of your video to your library.


Entries will be judged by area library staff.  We will choose one video as the Librarian’s Choice while  attendees will choose one as the Viewer’s Choice. Both will win $100 cash. Non-monetary awards will be given to other videos.


Please have the videos uploaded to YouTube and a hardcopy supplied to your librarian by Wednesday, March 3rd. Winners will be announced at the screening. Participants give their permission for the videos to be used for promotional purposes.


Participants and their friends can attend the free Premiere Party where we will show all the videos and eat pizza. The premiere will be held at the Putnam Museum on Thursday, March 12th at 6pm.  Like Hollywood movie premieres, be prepared to wear your red carpet clothing and answer questions from the press.

Click below to download the entry form:

Film entry form


Teen Reading Challenge 2014

TRC logo

The 2014 Teen Reading Challenge, sponsored by Quad-Cities Libraries, kicks off on Sunday, September 29th and wraps up on October 18th.  Teens are challenged to read for at least 250 minutes to earn a prize and invite to the TRC party on Friday, October 24th from 6-7:30 p.m.  The party, taking place at Davenport Public Library’s Fairmount branch, will include gaming, snacks, and crafts.  We will also draw names for additional prizes based on how much each teen has read.  (You do NOT need to be present to win.)

50 teens will win a $5 gift card, 15 will win a $10 gift card, and 10 will win a $15 gift card, just for reading!  The more you read, the better your chance of winning.

Stop by your library to pick up a reading log.  Logs are also available at NSJH’s media center.


Book Review- The Tyrant's Daughter

The Tyrant’s Daughter follows the story of 15 year old Laila. She is the daughter of a king from a Middle Eastern country. Her family lived a life of luxury until her father was killed in a coup. The rest of the family was able to escape with the aid of the United States. They moved to a small apartment in a suburb of Washington D.C. and are struggling to adjust to American life. Laila especially struggles with the realization that her father was not a beloved ruler, but more of a tyrant.

In her country, women are not treated as equals. Interactions with American high school boys make her uncomfortable, but she develops a bit of a crush on one in particular. Her new friends are usually nice, but a bit dramatic at times, and really help Laila break out of her shell. They even convince her to attend a high school dance.
Although Laila seems to be accepting her new life, her mother does not. She is conspiring with the CIA to take back control of their country.
I book talked this to jr high students and they were excited to read it. They don’t like books that are over their heads, but Laila’s voice rings true to them. They were able to grasp her situation and wanted to learn more about it.
I recommend this book to ages 12+. This is a great read with enough teen drama to keep them captivated, while teaching them about another culture a world away.

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