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Mothership- Book Review

Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal is a wildy entertaining, yet odd story about teen pregnancy. Set about 50 yrs in the future, Elvie, an all around good kid and daddy’s girl, finds herself knocked up after being charmed by popular Cole. After seeing a commercial for a school space station that caters to pregnant teens, her dad decides to send her there. Unfortunately Cole’s pregnant girlfriend also ends up there and loves to bully Elvie. One day Elvie and a couple of her friends are skipping class when they notice some strange intruders in space suits sneaking into the school. They run to get the other girls when they see that something has gone wrong with their teachers– they are trying to drown all the teens. A huge battle ensues and readers find out that the “intruders” are actually there to save the girls, and one of the intruders just happens to be Cole. Things get weirder as readers find out what happened to make the teachers go crazy and who is still out to get them and why?

There is some violence and light cussing, no graphic sex or even much mention of it. The fact that they are pregnant shouldn’t detract teens from the story as these girls are quite aware of the consequences of their actions. Yes, they make light of it, but in no way does it sound appealing. Mothership is truly a fun chick lit story with a lot of action and sci fi elements thrown in. It’s very fast paced and humorous and should appeal to teens 14+

My Boyfriend is a Monster-Book Review

  Graphic Universe has put out a new series of graphic novels called My Boyfriend is a Monster.  They are a fun spin on monster stories of all kinds including zombies, vampires, Frankenstein, etc.

The first one is called I Love Him to Pieces.  It’s about Dicey and Jack Chen.  Dicey is a total tomboy who is the star of the otherwise all male baseball team.  Jack is a science geek who doesn’t do much besides study and play board games.  They end up getting paired up for a project, attempting to “parent” an egg.  Oddly enough, they find that they are attracted to each other so they go on a date.  All seems to be going well when suddenly they get word of an outbreak of a weird infection that seems to be turning people into zombies.  Now they are on the run together, Dicey -killing zombies with her trusty baseball bat, and Jack- trying to get in contact with his doctor parents.  Unfortunately, one of them gets bitten and you will have to read the book to find out what happens to Jack and Dicey.

This is a great book for graphic novel and/or zombie afficianados!



Summer Reading Program

From June 1st through July 31st, teens can sign up for our Summer Reading Program.  Earn prizes just for reading!  Teens are challenged to read 10 hours.  Prizes are awarded after 5 hours and upon completion.

Events during the summer include glow-in-the-dark t-shirt making, Angry Birds water balloon competition, Wizard Workshop, and more!  For a full list, check the online calendar or grab a reading log at your local branch library.

Croak- Book Review


Lex has been getting into some major trouble lately, lashing out violently at school and home. Her parents and twin sister Cordie are at their wits end. They decide to send Lex to live with her Uncle Mort for the summer, supposedly to do farm work.

Mort picks her up and tells her that she won’t actually be doing any farm work. She will instead be learning his business, which is reaping. The town he lives in is called Croak, and everyone there has a part in transporting souls from this world to the next. Lex begins work with Driggs, a boy who also lives with her Uncle Mort. They despise each other, but as the book goes on, their relationship grows into more.

The author does a great job creating this town of Croak, describing its residents and the interesting jobs they do. Lex is a Killer. Her touch releases a soul from the body. Driggs is a Culler, he captures it in a vessel. They deposit souls at the bank where they enter the Afterlife. Learning about Croak and Lex adjusting to her new life creates a great story, the mystery plot is an added bonus.

Someone has been killing people who aren’t meant to die. They have someone figured out a way to find specific people and kill them. This cannot be done by normal Killers who are transported to the sick and dying. Lex and her ragtag team of friends are helping Mort solve the mystery. But Lex’s time in Croak is coming to an end. Will she return home or stay in Croak, the place she’s grown to love?

At first, Lex was not a likeable character because of her seemingly random outbursts of violence. However, readers learn that is a common symptom of Killers when they turn into teenagers. She grew calmer and more likeable throughout the book. I really loved the author’s imaginative descriptions of the afterlife and how Croak runs. The ending was sudden and sad, so I am hoping for a sequel where the outcome can be changed. This is a great read for teens 13+

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